• beijing things to do

    31 Things to See and Do in Beijing: The Ultimate Attraction List

    Beijing, the capital city of China has a lot to offer. From the futuristic skyscrapers to the old hutongs, Beijing is always on the top travel list when it comes to China. If you want to learn the rich Chinese culture and explore the 5,000 years old history, and at the same time you want to have the option to shop in the megamall full of high-end goods, Beijing is the place to visit. There are so many things you can see and do in Beijing and you can spend years here yet, still unable to explore them all. Plus, Beijing is just part of China, not all of China.…

  • bangkok weekend trip

    How to Spend a Wonderful Weekend Trip in Bangkok

    Bangkok, one of the most famous and visited cities in the world, is a great place for a short (a few days) getaway. The food there is cheap, the hospitality is great, and the entire cost of your travel is low. Hence, making Bangkok a favorite city for most. This capital of Thailand has a lot to offer, from shopping to local street food to a great massage, you can find almost anything that suits you regardless of your preferences. One thing you have to understand is that this is not the city where you will want to visit just for once. You will come back to Bangkok over and…

  • things to do in shanghai

    23 Amazing Things to See and Do in Shanghai

    Shanghai, one of the largest cities in China has plenty to offer. And when we talk about visiting China, most people wanted to visit Beijing and Shanghai. This is especially true for westerners. It was known as the “Oriental Paris”, Shanghai is one of China’s greatest economic and cultural centers. It represents the modern and developed side of China. If you make a visit to Shanghai, you will notice that it is a city that blends with both the eastern and western culture. In the morning, you can visit temples and Chinese traditional garden. And in the afternoon, you can enjoy the stunning skyscrapers view from The Bund. Shanghai can…

  • Hangzhou attractions

    15 Top Attractions in Hangzhou: The Best Places to Visit

    Planning a trip to Hangzhou, the famous Silicon Valley of China? This is the birthplace of the giant e-commerce company, Alibaba. It is also a city that is known for its beauty with lakes and hills. Located at the Zhejiang province, Hangzhou is one of the country’s most famous tourist destinations and many travelers come here to find the taste of Eastern China’s rich heritage and culture. There are two cities in China that have the name “heaven on earth”. One was Suzhou, near to Shanghai, and another is Hangzhou. This is because Hangzhou is surrounded by beautiful West Lake, many ancient temples, bridges, and pagodas. Despite it being a…

  • taipei night market

    Top 10 Best Night Market in Taipei – Visit Them All!

    When we talk about Taiwan, one of the most famous attractions is none other than the night markets. No matter which part of Taiwan you’re visiting, be it Taipei to the North, Taichung at the center, or Tainan to the South, you can find all kinds of night markets across Taiwan. The night markets in Taiwan are famous for both the locals and in the eyes of tourists. You can find all kinds of Taiwan street foods and the local delicacies of Taiwan. Ranging from foods, household goods, to souvenirs, the night market in Taiwan is a must-visit. Why Go to Night Markets in Taiwan? Night markets are common in…

  • jeju travel itinerary

    3 Days Jeju Travel Itinerary (Best Experience)

    Jeju Island is a small volcanic island that belongs to South Korea and it is located in Jeju Province. Jeju Island was formed more than 2 million years ago and it consists of basalt and lava. On the island, there are more than 350 volcanos, but none of them are active. In the middle of the island, there is a Gotjawal forest in which unique specimens of flora and fauna lives because the place is still widely unexplored. The highest mountain in Jeju is none other than Hallasan, which is also the highest peak in the whole of South Korea. Jeju Island became a very popular holiday destination for people…

  • chengdu things to do

    22 Best Things To Do In Chengdu – The Top Attractions

    Chengdu is the capital of Sichuan province in China. It is also one of the most popular cities in West China. Chengdu is best known as the home of the giant panda which is considered to be Chinese national treasure because it is one of the rarest animals in the world. Chengdu is a 2,400-year-old city which is one of the most visited cities in China. Located in the province of Sichuan, Chengdu is famous for its local delicacies, especially for the hot, spicy, and numbing cuisine. The name of the city has not changed since its foundation, but Chengdu has two nicknames – Brocade City and City of Hibiscus.…

  • hangzhou things to do

    The 14 Highly Recommended Things to Do When You Visit Hangzhou

    Generally, China’s tourism hub is concentrated in Shanghai, Beijing and Xi’an. But China has much more to offer with very well-kept cities and beautiful places. Hangzhou has been surprising Western travelers for quite some time. Legend has it that Marco Polo (1264-1324) called Hangzhou “the most charming city in the world”. And according to a traditional Chinese proverb, Hangzhou is the representation of heaven on Earth. Hangzhou is the capital of Zhejiang province and has about 8 million inhabitants. Recognized worldwide by the supreme organization in its civilization, the city is perfectly balanced in the financial aspect and known for being quite luxurious. Hangzhou is internationally recognized for its historical…

  • why visit phuket

    10 Big Reasons Why Phuket is The Best Travel Destination to Visit

    Located In Southern Thailand, Phuket is the most popular and hottest place to visit, which lies 862 km south of Bangkok on the western side in the Andaman Sea. From picture-perfect beaches to exciting adventure activities, Phuket offers something for everyone. In Phuket itself, there are plenty of things to do, see, and enjoy that a person can never get bored of enjoying here. Furthermore, it is a beautiful island surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, lush green nature, culture, temples, and a Sino-Portuguese history. Here are 10 big reasons why Phuket is the best travel destination to visit. 1. Magnificent Beaches Known for its gorgeous beaches, Phuket has more…

  • jeju travel tips

    Going to Jeju? The 10 Travel Tips You Need to Know Before You Go

    Penalized by the proximity of its self-isolating northern neighbor, South Korea is the haven for any traveler. It offers contagious hospitality and the benefits of a highly industrialized and technologically advanced country, while living and respecting the old traditions of Asia. Among its mountainous landscape (over 70% of the country), dotted coastline with beautiful islands and ancestral culture, South Korea, especially Jeju Island deserves a stop on your Asia travel itinerary. South Korea comprises almost 3,000 islands, mostly small and uninhabited, but perfect for pleasant boat trips. One of these paradise destinations is home to the highest point of the country. This would be the Hallasan mount located in the…