• bangkok weekend trip

    How to Spend a Wonderful Weekend Trip in Bangkok

    Bangkok, one of the most famous and visited cities in the world, is a great place for a short (a few days) getaway. The food there is cheap, the hospitality is great, and the entire cost of your travel is low. Hence, making Bangkok a favorite city for most. This capital of Thailand has a lot to offer, from shopping to local street food to a great massage, you can find almost anything that suits you regardless of your preferences. One thing you have to understand is that this is not the city where you will want to visit just for once. You will come back to Bangkok over and…

  • why visit phuket

    10 Big Reasons Why Phuket is The Best Travel Destination to Visit

    Located In Southern Thailand, Phuket is the most popular and hottest place to visit, which lies 862 km south of Bangkok on the western side in the Andaman Sea. From picture-perfect beaches to exciting adventure activities, Phuket offers something for everyone. In Phuket itself, there are plenty of things to do, see, and enjoy that a person can never get bored of enjoying here. Furthermore, it is a beautiful island surrounded by crystal clear turquoise water, lush green nature, culture, temples, and a Sino-Portuguese history. Here are 10 big reasons why Phuket is the best travel destination to visit. 1. Magnificent Beaches Known for its gorgeous beaches, Phuket has more…