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Visiting Huanglong National Park in Sichuan

Many people have heard about the Jiuzhaigou Valley, but most do not hear about the Huanglong valley. And if you are visiting the Jiuzhaigou, make sure you don’t miss out the chance to visit Huanglong too.

The word ‘huanglong’ in Chinese means “yellow dragon”. It is written as 黄龙.

Like Jiuzhaigou, Huanglong is located northwest of Chengdu. In fact, if you take a look at the Sichuan map, you will notice that Huanglong is very near to Jiuzhaigou.

In 1992, Huanglong has declared a World Heritage Site under UNESCO. You can read more about the history of Huanglong here.

I don’t want to go too far into the history of the place, so let’s get started with my trip there.

First, I will share with you some beautiful pictures of the place, and next, I will share with you some of the tips and what you need to know before you go to Huanglong.

My Trip to Huanglong

I follow a tour and join a group of others to visit this amazing place.

I visit Huanglong in early November. According to the locals there, it snowed heavily the day before I arrive, what luck.

But when I’m there, the weather is so cold. So this is the first thing I do once I get there…

huanglong 1
It is so enjoying to eat a bar of ‘frozen’ Snickers. The lady on my back is my wife.

If you are visiting Huanglong during the winter, make sure you are fully equip with sweater and inner. It is cold especially when you are on top of the mountain.

Thus, eat more chocolate and give your body more energy and heat.

huanglong 2
This is the view on the mountain. Stunning!
huanglong 8
Just look at those ice-capped mountains.
huanglong 9
Yes, that’s me. And I’m holding the gimbal to record videos for you guys.
huanglong 10
I’m absolutely falling in love with the view here.

Now, you will be only get to see this view from the platform if you are taking the cable car up or down the mountain.

If you decide to walk to the top, where the Wucaichi (Five-Color Pond) is located, there is a high chance that you will miss out this platform and the stunning view here.

The platform is located between the cable car station and the Wucaichi.

So if you walk, highly likely, you will walk straight to the top without passing through this route.

Thus, I strongly encourage you to take the cable car, either go up or down.

huanglong 4
When you are about to reach the Five-Color Pond, you can see this Taoist temple.
huanglong 3
A temple in the middle of the mountain. The view is just magnificent.
huanglong 11
Frozen water. Luckily the sun shines bright and it started to melt.
huanglong 12
This is Wucaichi, which also known as Five Colored Pond. It is on top of this scenic spot.

If you visit Huanglong, your journey is going to the top to see the Five-Color Pond. The walkway is in good condition and there are plenty of toilets along the path.

The only problem is that there is nothing to buy here because it is high above the mountain. So bring some snack and food on your own.

You can also enjoy your lunch at the gazebo near the pond.

huanglong 13
Can you see the pond, the temple, and the mountain? I just can’t find any word to describe the view.
huanglong 14
To be honest, I have no idea how the pond formed. Such is the power of nature.
huanglong 15
Look at the blue sky, I love it.
huanglong 17
Another closer look at the pond and the mountain.
huanglong five color pond
This is the panoramic view of the place. You can click to enlarge it.
huanglong 22
Look at the water, it is crystal clear.
huanglong 18
Nature is amazing, isn’t it?
huanglong 6
The beautiful mountain view as I walk down the walkway.
huanglong 19
The waterfall nearby the entrance.

If you walk to the Wucaichi, you will come across this waterfall first.

huanglong 20
Multi-layered waterfalls.

I spend almost an entire day in Huanglong. I got there early in the morning, can’t remember what time though.

When I get down to the main entrance, it is about 4PM. Of course, I took my own sweet time and enjoy the scenery there. I also took my lunch at the Five Colored Pond there.

By the way, some people actually refer to the pond as Multi-Color Pond.

The pond, or called Wucaichi in Chinese is written as 五彩池.

So should you visit Huanglong in Sichuan?

My answer is a big resounding YES! It is such a nice place. And if you do plan to come to Huanglong, make sure you spend another day in Jiuzhaigou too.

In fact, Jiuzhaigou is the main scenic area that people will go for. Huanglong is the second option.

The time when I visited Huanglong, the Jiuzhai Valley is closed under recovery due to earthquake in early 2018.

Hence, spend at least 1 whole day for Jiuzhai and another day for Huanglong. You don’t have to rush. You’re here to enjoy and relax, remember that. 🙂

Huanglong Map

Thanks to Wikipedia, I attached the map below for your reference:

Click to enlarge and zoom.

The #14 on the map is where the Five Colored Pond is. The blue color line is towards the cable car station.

Therefore, if you walk up and down the mountain without taking the cable car, you will miss out the platform where you can have a magnificent view of the mountain.

So my suggestion is that you can opt to take the cable car up or down. One way is fine.

From the blue line, I walk to #14, to Wucaichi. I have my lunch there at about 1PM and then I walk all the way down following the green color walkway.

There are plenty of signboards to show you the road. There is also a tourist center near the entrance. So don’t worry too much about it.

The only thing you need to worry about is the altitude sickness.

What You Must Know Before Visit Huanglong

Huanglong itself is about 3200m above sea level. And when you walk to the Five Color Ponds, it will be about 3570m.

And because it is so high above, some people may suffer the altitude sickness like headache, which is the most common.

You can’t run or move your body too quickly when you are there. The air is thin and the oxygen level is low. Thus, causing you to feel uncomfortable.

Some people even buy the portable oxygen tank. Lucky for me, I didn’t use any.

This is why I say you should take your time there and walk slowly. Enjoy the scene.

More Travel Info for Huanglong

The above are all my personal experiences when I traveled there. If you need more information such as the ticket pricing, operating hours, how to get there, etc, visit these 2 websites:

Well, I hope you enjoy this article.

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